Victor Davis, Writer and Producer

“Our firm hired Victor multiple times over a period of approximately ten years for scripting/instructional design work for custom and off-the-shelf e-learning applications. Victor brought a spark of creativity to some otherwise mundane topics. He definitely did some “heavy lifting” for us as scripts often exceeded 150 pp over the course of three drafts--good organization and dogged determination to finish were as important as creativity on some projects. Victor was unflappable. Victor was also flexible, adapting well to our rigid script template requirements. It was a pleasure to work with Victor and I would be happy to do so again.”

JC Kinnamon, Ph.D, client

Victor is a true professional when it comes to writing online training. He can wade into a topic and boil it down to its essence, then clearly communicate that essence to the learners through sound, creative instructional design. Victor not only has tons of experience, but he is great to work with and a pleasure to know.”

Andy Kienzle, client

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print, web, video, and interactive media

Memorable video and interactive presentations require imaginative visuals and engaging narrative. Concise, accurate explanations. A compelling story. Whether the objective is to persuade, motivate, or teach, the message needs to be carefully crafted. Customized to the audience. Respectful of the learner’s time and intelligence.

Business journal articles and web sites profit from pith and brevity. They must earn the reader’s interest. In interactive training, situations need to be relevant and realistic. Interactions should move the story along and reflect actual decision points.

When the purpose is to communicate ideas and information, clarity is in, jargon is out. My special skill is to communicate scientific, medical, and technical information engagingly and accurately. Respecting subtleties. Making your message memorable.